Introducing Petri ja Kari

Get to know Petri and Kari who volunteer in the fire brigade on their free time!

Locks and locking solutions Product Manager Petri (on the left) operates on customer interface as an expert and consultant throughout projects with the goal of achieving the best solution for our customer. On his free time Petri volunteers in the fire brigade, where he started 1984 in the youth department. He is also the union secretary and occupational safety officer.

While asked, Petri mentions that memorable events have been large building fires and the Tapani-storm, when the state of emergency lasts a long time. Highlights of volunteer fire brigade activity are situations where fast help has saved lives and property!

Innovative delivery solutions Product Specialist Kari is in charge of a fluent system products manufacturing process, collects data to develop products, keeps trainings and acts as technical support to customers, assembly, production and our sales team. Kari has operated as the chief of Kisko volunteer fire brigade from 2007 and has been a part of the brigade almost 40 years.

-Especially heartwarming are thank yous after first response missions, where even the smallest actions have had a great meaning to a patient and their family. These are cases where we often receive gratitude afterwards also, Kari tells.

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