Grocery store's services for residents and summer visitors expanded in Mathildedal from the beginning of June 2022, with the launching of a new PUNTA HUB - food delivery container.

The new innovation of food delivery was brought to the residents by K-Market pahkavuori's merchants Tarja and Sauli Kaartinen. PUNTA HUB - solution is the base for the new service and it's tailored to match customer needs and brand identity. Our partner is the best Finnish refrigeration equipment producing Porkka Finland Oy.

The residents of Mathildedal have wished for a home delivery service, but due to long distance, single deliveries haven't been possible. Food delivery container brings the food near residents and visitors of the busy travel destination.

– While figuring out how we could deliver groceries to customers who live further away from our store, we found the food delivery container designed by Punta Oy. Solid built container solution can be placed outdoors. The container has a stylish glass wall and appearance that is tailored to be recognized, Tarja Kaartinen says.

The design work begun when we started our cooperation with Punta. Project Manager Jari-Pekka Laamanen tells, that Punta has a modern and wide selection of delivery solutions that can transform into different purposes.

– It was good, that we had different new options on our portfolio to show and suggest how the final solution could be enhanced to be even better. Together with the merchant we specified what features the delivery solution needs to have and what it doesn't need.

Toni Kivilähde from Punta design team has executed a structurally new solution for the food delivery solution's lockers. The new "smooth surfaces" product solution is easy to use, minimalistic and guarantees a pleasant pick-up experience for the customer, when the groceries are easy to take from the locker without the grocery box getting stuck to the edges. The new solution enables the full use of the locker interior. Development of the concept continues so it can be applied to other PUNTA products in the future too.

It's all about ease and compatibility

Smart Delivery Solutions Sales Manager Juhana Haukioja emphasizes the importance of basic features, such as easy use, right storing temperatures and the location of the solution while tailoring a food delivery solution.

– The solutions is easy to use; customer makes the grocery shopping normally online at k-ruoka.fi and selects the pick up to Mathildedal food delivery container. The order is packaged at the store to pick-up boxes and delivered to the food delivery locker where are separate lockers for frozen, refrigerated and room temperature stored groceries. The delivery solution operates on a electronic solution developed by Punta Oy, which notifies the customer when the order is ready for pick-up. The customer also receives an email and a text message that contains a code for opening the front door and lockers.

In the picture from left to right; Smart delivery solutions Sales manager Juhana Haukioja, Merchants Tarja and Sauli Kaartinen and Project manager Jari-Pekka Laamanen

The food delivery container is located at a busy location in Mathildedal at Hummeltie 2. From there the residents, visitors and sailors can easily pick up their orders 24/7. Customers save time and fuel, when the food pick up from the villages food delivery container is noticeably faster than the trip to the closest supermarket.

– This is a great and responsible service for customers. Our customers have been excited, when we have told them about this. It has been easy working with Punta and I also appreciate the high rate of domesticity, Tarja Kaartinen thanks.

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