Hukka Xpress Gym

At the Hukka Xpress Alppila gym, cosiness is close to the heart

Respecting the brand & considering the needs of the people

In 2016, the family business Liikuntakeskus Hukka from Oulu celebrated its 40th anniversary by launching the Xpress chain, the first link of which was opened in Alppila. Affordability, quality, and opening hours are at the heart of the Xpress gym chain concept.

According to Anna Rounaja, CEO, the idea of the Xpress budget chain was elaborated into the final product based on the customers’ needs. At Xpress gym, there is no excessive equipment, but everything essential is present, at an affordable cost.

The aim was to make the changing rooms spacious and provide the customers with sufficient locker space. The industry’s standard is 1 locker per 10 people, but in the Oulu settings, 1 locker per 8 people was considered more suitable. The interior designer brought some playfulness to the lockers using the colours of the Xpress brand. Orange, black, grey, and white locker doors alternate so that doors of the same colour are never located side-by-side.

– A good and comfortable changing room should not be too open and hall-like. Seating areas and nooks created by the lockers, large mirrors, good lights and water points bring comfort and practicality.

– In keeping with the concept of the line, we sought sturdy, good-looking, affordable, functional, and long-lasting solutions. Karoliina Kannisto from Punta presented a cost-effective steel locker solution, which I liked right away. In my opinion, finding a solution from a Finnish supplier is absolutely wonderful! The combination turned out to be a winner – the calm white space enhanced with fresh lockers.

Full service based on the turnkey principle

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