PUNTA product selection grows again!

We provided the service, box lockers with charging possibility and bike locking mechanisms to the new bike parking experiment at Turku Science park.

Tiedepuisto at city of Turku is arranging a new bike parking service. This locked space has six bike spots available to rent for one day or the whole month.

Each bike can be locked from the frame at an indoor space. There are also added services to store your belongings in a locked locker or to charge your electronic bikes battery. For extra charge you can use the bike repair kit located at the spot.

The user friendly service is affordable and the use of locking can easily be managed from your phone.

We can tailor the service to match your specific needs.

The space for this high quality parking is arranged by Turun Teknologiakiinteistöt Oy and the coordinating of the experiment is done by Turku School of economics.

Full service based on the turnkey principle

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