​A storage furniture solution to suit the design office style

A Storage Furniture Solution to Suit the Design Office Style

Aivan Design Agency, a leader in Finnish design and innovation, needed new business premises and storage solutions as it expanded. After moving to an old Ford factory, located in the Hernesaari quarter of Helsinki, the company still needed storage solutions for the space consisting of an unbroken hall with high ceilings.

Head of Brand & Spaces Aleksi Kuokka recalls how the search was on for a reasonably priced overall solution featuring durability, conversion flexibility and visual suitability for a design agency.

“The functionality of the dimensions was crucial,” he explains. “We mostly store items related to our design projects, as well as our work samples. Together with one of the Punta sales representatives, we engaged in planning and selecting the necessary products. Among the needed functions was a materials library.”

Kaisa Breilin-Brandt from Punta sales recalls that the product portfolio that was delivered to Aivan Design Agency included solutions such as steel shelves, drawers and wheeled shelves.

Some of the furniture partitions the middle of the floor while the higher furniture along the walls maximizes the number of items that can be archived. The drawers were a welcome addition to our store of small office supplies, but also the materials library where we can keep items like color swatches and samples. Wheeled shelves serve as containers and project tables. The agency wanted wheels due to their conversion flexibility because a design office sometimes needs more space for building things like figure models.

Aleksi thinks that working with Punta was very pleasant and that it exceeded all expectations.

“Even the wheeled special solution was tailored to meet our need,” he says, and the paint color matches the color of our custom-made tables. Our staff and customers have all commended the result.It certainly exceeded all expectations!”

Kaisa thinks it was rewarding to get to think about various solutions and see how basic solutions can yield new forms. This site is quite unconventional since the steel shelves, which people usually assume to be warehouse shelves, were made a highly visible part of the office interior and painted white.

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