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Punta Oy


Sustainability is the cornerstone of our operations

Sustainability is a key component of Punta’s business strategy. We believe that the entire success of our company depends on our comprehensive approach to sustainability. On our part, we want to reduce the burden on the environment, people and society. Our goal is to develop our processes to be more efficient and therefore reduce the energy consumption and the environmental load.

Our responsibility is based on:


• Environmental protection
• Energy efficiency
• Waste management and recycling
• Environmental risk management
and impact minimization


• Rights and obligations of employees
• Occupational safety and well-being
• Sustainable development of the company
• Practicing responsible production and business


• Good governance, we comply with
Finnish laws and regulations
• Compliance with environmental standards
• Responsible and ethical marketing


Environmental responsibility encompasses all of our operations; taking care of environmental matters concerns our customers, personnel, and the society around us alike. We want to take concrete actions for the benefit of the environment, the impact of which is visible in daily work and life. These actions can be small or large, widely diverse, but leading to the same direction:

  • Managing energy use with emphasis on greener energy, LED lighting promotion.
  • Logistics solutions, minimum number of transfers in production, avoiding incomplete loads.
  • Environmentally friendly implementation of investments, expansions, and renovations.
  • Waste reduction, sorting, and recycling.

We hold a key position in providing our customers with furniture and solutions that support sustainable development. We respond to the customers’ needs by providing products and services that take into account their entire life cycle. Our high-class products are strong and durable. They can be recycled to new users or at the end of their lifecycle their material can be utilized.

Our goal is to develop our processes to be more efficient and therefore reduce the energy consumption and the environmental load.


We want to be a respected and preferred employer. We feel responsible for our people and consider them in our work community as equal individuals. We prevent accidents at work by contributing to the occupational well-being and safety of the personnel. We arrange trainings related to new working skills and best occupational safety practices.


Our financial responsibility is based on offering our customers products and services for which there is demand. We develop our products and services in a responsible manner, with special attention to usability and durability, as required by modern times.Responsibility is a success factor that creates better customer experiences, ideas, growth, and productivity for our operations.

We act responsibly, in compliance with legislation, contracts, and procedures, and we pay our taxes in Finland.

Full service based on the turnkey principle

Our services include installation, maintenance and recycling, as well as leasing financing and support for architects and design offices. We offer a comprehensive service solution allowing you to choose the package that best suits your site.