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Smart Lockers

Punta Core System, Smart Lockers, Parcel Lockers, Click & Collect

One Smart Locker Solution, endless possibilities.

Punta revolutionizes Smart Locker services by integrating distribution, logistics, rental, renting, and purchasing solutions alongside conventional storage options with one Core System. Gone are the days of managing separate systems for lockers and automated lockers. Embrace the efficiency of Punta System, where every storage need finds a seamless solution under one roof.

Benefits of Punta Smart Locker Solution

Our lockers support most common payment methods in Finland and Nordic countries.

Our solution is built on SaaS, which allows the latest version of the software and fast updates. Lockers supports remote controlling and are always 24/7 monitored.

The locker is accessible 24/7, and with the latest functions, it can work fully autonomously. It has no working hours and is always available for you!

The locker is accessible 24/7, and with the latest functions, it can work fully autonomously. It has no working hours and is always available for you!

The locker is possible to equip with the most latest technologies. Example surveillance camera, sensors, scale, alarms and many more.

The locker is painted with matte, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly powder coating.

User-friendly software and user interface is designed for the daily needs. Minimal instructions are required explain the use of our lockers. We support a multilingual solution and the target is that the user can use the locker in his or her own language.

Quick and responsive locker that is able to distribute parcels in real time.

We have smart locker solutions for


Smart lockers revolutionize the e-commerce delivery experience, offering a superior method for customers to pick up their purchases when it is convenient for them.


Punta Smart lockers can save space, time, money by automating your staff lockers, device management process and parcel deliveries in your warehouse.


Smart lockers offer an ideal solution for educational institutions, catering to the needs of both students and staff.


With Punta Smart Locker, staff can efficiently utilize the smart locker system for various purposes, for example can receive and return sharing items or submitting IT equipment for repair.


Punta Smart Locker solutions offer for example to the secure storage of personal and work attire for employees or they facilitate controlled lending of company materials to staff.


E-grocery shopping has become widespread, allowing consumers to shop for products online and collect them from a convenient location. Picking up food orders without human contact is safe and quick.

Health care

Through the implementation of click & collect solutions, healthcare providers, hospitals and public sector can enhance the management and distribution of medical equipment.

Public spaces

Punta's Smart Locker solutions for personal items and luggage offer passengers and visitors the option to temporarily store their belongings.

PUNTA Smart Lockers

Punta’s smart lockers offer an easy and innovative way for picking up, sending, and returning deliveries, as well as enable in-house mail distribution. The unmanned smart locker is operational 24/7, thereby freeing up your working time for other tasks. The users are especially grateful for the possibility to pick up the products at the time most suitable for them.

Our smart lockers can be installed in the location of your preference; only power supply and access to the Internet are required for commissioning. PUNTA smart lockers are designed to suit your needs by their properties, number of locker compartments, and colour scheme.

The smart lockers can be operated using a touch screen or any mobile device:

Easily provide 24/7 access to parcels

Modular Smart Locker Systems

The Punta Smart Lockers boast a versatile modular design, granting you the flexibility to employ the module either independently or in tandem with other modules to construct a more extensive solution. The installation of these modules is hassle-free, as they don't necessitate floor or base anchoring. Plus, their leveling feet simplify the placement process, ensuring swift and convenient setup. Perfect for large or small needs, this adaptable smart locker system is consistently tailored to meet your specific location needs.

Full service based on the turnkey principle

Our services include installation, maintenance and recycling, as well as leasing financing and support for architects and design offices. We offer a comprehensive service solution allowing you to choose the package that best suits your site.