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Eckerö Line updated its luggage lockers to be operated with payment cards

Eckerö Line updated its luggage lockers to be operated with payment cards

We provided Eckerö Line m/s Finlandia Luggage Lockers, that function with payment cards. Many passengers had hoped for the possibility to make the payment with a payment card instead of cash. Now this customer request has been reacted to and the reform has been welcomed with enthusiasm. The customers of Eckerö Line don’t have to carry cash with them since when a temporary need for storage occurs, they can conveniently take care of the payment with payment cards.

Many passengers like to leave their on land-made purchases in a locker compartment for the sea voyage, especially when they haven’t reserved a cabin for themselves. It makes it easier to move onboard and enjoy the amenities, e.g., shopping and restaurants when you don’t have to leave your travel companion to watch over your on land-made purchases and luggage. For those travelling alone it is safe and convenient to place luggage and purchases in a locker compartment.

Eckerö Line was delivered several storage solutions which had room for larger luggage but also storage suitable for smaller items of luggage such as backpacks, shopping bags, and laptop bags. A clear and easy to use touch screen interface serves its user in three different languages guiding the customer to the right locker compartment. The interface and the storage solutions were branded to match the Eckerö Line brand colours.

Most lockers on the ships on route Helsinki – Tallinn work only with coins. Eckerö Line was the first shipping company on route to Tallinn to switch their lockers to ones that function with payment cards. The change was made at the beginning of 2024 when m/s Finlandia was on a dockyard for almost a month.

Punta Luggage Lockers offer their users safe short- and long-term storage for luggage of different sizes in different public spaces. The users have easy access to their belongings at any time. With the help of digital codes or the mobile application it is both easy and fast to store your luggage in and to pick it up from the automat. Any previous tag such as QR, RFID, NFC, or bar code can be used as a tag. A boarding pass or an access control card can also be used as a tag. Hotels, harbors, airports, and other public places that have luggage storage solutions increase the travelers’ customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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