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Punta Oy

Kuopion Energia Oy

KUOPION ENERGIA - Enough storage space for everyone

Clothes Lockers and Smart Locking Adaptable to a Variety of Operations Models

The office building of electricity and district heat cogeneration group Kuopio Energia Oy was completed in 2017. It also provides premises for a subsidiary of the group, namely electricity distribution company Kuopion Sähköverkko Oy, as well as tenancy for Kuopio Vesi Oy, a water collection, treatment and supply company. Approximately 200 people work in the power plant area, with close to 100 of them in the new building. The personnel working and moving around the building are engaged in a great variety of duties.

“We supplied this site with 100 clothes lockers and 24 mail lockers, taking the various needs of the personnel into account in the dressing room. The clothes lockers work by means of an access card loaded with personal rights,” says Ilkka Ratamo at Punta sales.

The grouping of the clothes lockers and their users:
  • Lockers intended for dynamic use when the need such is occasional,
  • A personal locker for those who have workwear that gets dirty.
  • Two personal lockers for those who need more space for workwear and a change of clothes.

  • HR Manager Anne Paasikari observes that it was a truly good thing to take the various needs into account in the dressing rooms and to have enough storage space for everyone.

    “Management is easy since the lockers are not left unused,” she says. “Messing with keys came to an end, so we no longer need to worry about lost keys and ordering new ones.”

    The Solution: Vecos and Releezeme
    The operations model is built with Vecos smart locking and the Releezeme app. An access card functioning as the key is loaded with the person’s rights of use as follows:

  • A key to the workplace
  • Access to a clothes locker according to one’s group
  • Access to a department-specific locker for incoming maili
  • For assistants, access to the mail lockers of all the departments
  • For the mailman, access to the lockers for outgoing mail.

  • The Releezeme app provides the Vecos smart locks with versatile opportunities for sharing rights. Adding and deleting users is easy.

    Full service based on the turnkey principle

    Our services include installation, maintenance and recycling, as well as leasing financing and support for architects and design offices. We offer a comprehensive service solution allowing you to choose the package that best suits your site.