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Punta Oy

Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres

We delivered lockers installed at Nokian Tyres. A locker with a short door, base bench with a shoe rack was their choice. The lockers had a mechanical code lock Eurolocks A152 according to the customer’s wishes. The choice of the lockers is excellent considering the work of the cleaners because the base bench reduces the number of locker feet in the locker room and the shoe rack keeps the shoes away from the cleaners’ mops, says Jonna Saami from Punta sales.

Two separate spaces for work and civilian clothes were requested for the locker users provided that these spaces would be accessible by only one lock. Different coloured doors make the usage of the lockers and these two spaces easier. So two different coloured doors were chosen for the lockers of the permanent staff. Colours RAL9005FT black and RAL9007FT aluminium were chosen. RAL9007FT aluminium stands out wonderfully from the RAL9005FT black. The lockers were placed according to the floor plan using the space as effectively as possible and still enabling ease of movement. The goal in addition to the looks was to make a solution that works and makes the everyday life of the staff easier. Get acquainted with our selection of lockers at

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