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Smart lockers for incoming mail serve businesses and organizations

Smart lockers for incoming mail serve businesses and organizations

Punta’s smart locker solution for incoming mail was first introduced at Posti headquarters located on Postintaival in Helsinki. After piloting, a solution was made to order for the Technopolis campus.

The mail services unit at Posti manages the distribution of incoming mail (letters, parcels and so on) to businesses. The service is under continuous development and streamlining based on the needs and wishes of customers. The challenges posed by the coronavirus prompted Posti to reflect on how to further streamline the distribution of incoming mail.

Ilari Puputti, the business development manager of the strategy and product development unit for postal services, is responsible for the new services.

“I work with innovations and have a real passion for them,” says Puputti. “Our head office was a good place to test the new solution we swiftly developed for incoming mail. Then Technopolis got excited about our solution. They had concrete challenges that we quickly began to tackle.”

Puputti figures the smart lockers serve several dozen organizations operating on the premises at Technopolis. The new smart lockers are a key part of Posti’s overall solution for them.

“The people at Technopolis are pleased with this service,” says Puputti. “A user survey brought in some fine feedback: the smart lockers are serving their customers well. The solution has also been further developed so that in addition to letters, automatic parcel shelving can be managed through the same service.”

Distribution gets a boost from Punta technology
Matti Hartonen, the key account manager at Punta, says the solution for the business Premium service for incoming mail is based on standardized Punta lockers (sizes S, M, L and XL) and integrated modern Punta technology.

Thanks to the technology, mail leaving the distribution center heads straight for the correct locker bank. The company receptionist or courier shelves the mail directly into individual or team lockers. The addressee of the postal item receives SMS or email informing them of the item’s arrival. This reduces the need for conventional company mailrooms, allowing businesses to channel their resources to their core activities.

Puputti thinks Punta technology meets Posti’s needs very well; it is versatile and applicable to a great range of services.

“In the context of making something new, I believe in the power of co-development,” says Puputti. “Personally, I think we have created a good development ecosystem together with Punta. As a partner, Punta is very approachable. I appreciate having a wealth of ideas: tossing them around and sparring. Problem-solving is open and the common goal is to please customers.”

Puputti also thinks the functioning of Punta systems is stable with hardly any technical or other types of failures.

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