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Style and functionality in Allas Sea Pool’s changing rooms

Style and functionality in Allas Sea Pool’s changing rooms

During the summer of 2023, the changing rooms of Allas Sea Pool sea spa were renewed. In addition to the main building, there are changing room facilities in separate buildings next to the pool area.

The tried-and-true model VKZ was chosen for the changing room lockers. Their layout allows for a maximum number of lockers. The floating changing rooms were furnished with laminate doors and the ones in the main building with oak veneer doors. The frames are made of galvanized steel plate.

The frame colour of floating changing rooms is RAL7006FT and those of the main building RAL7039FT. The earthy, muted tones complete the work beautifully with the wood panelling of the changing room’s interior and exterior surfaces and with the frosted glass doors, creating a particular feel of the space.

Allas Sea Pool is a seawater spa with versatile services and floating saunas. Stylish Nordic wooden construction and architecture offer a soothing Scandinavian milieu. The saunas heat up every day of the year, and you can take a dip in both the seawater pool and the heated pool.

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