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Punta Oy

City Environment Building

The new office building combines different sections of Helsinki City Environment under the same roof.

The purpose of the building is to invite citizens to benefit from public services and be a part of resident activities.

The Urban Environment House is an activity-based work environment characterized by spaciousness and high ceilings. The interiors are a diverse mixture of ample spaces, where, for example, openings connecting the floors, auditorium-style staircases, and street-like passageways have replaced conventional isolated floors and lobbies that pierce the whole building. -Lahdelma & Mahlamäki architects

-It has been great being involved in executing a modern multi space environment together with the user, architect and constructor, Karoliina Kannisto from PUNTA says.

We delivered smart locking system controlled lockers to almost a 1000 users. The smart locking enables both private and public use, which releases the locker to the next user right after the first has emptied the locker. Part of the lockers has been assigned to private use for the City Environment buildings regular employees. The lockers in hallways, sauna spaces and a part of dressing room lockers are assigned to public use.

Part of the dressing rooms were equipped with custom designed double door and -compartment lockers for employees who need to separate their casual clothes from work clothing.

In addition we also delivered 1500 Vecos smart locking solution equipped box lockers to the City Environment building, so everyone would have a place to lock their belongings into. All of the box lockers have a plug and USB charging possibility.

-All the lockers differ in frame height and are tailored to architect requests. Our installers from Asennus Suomi were on the sight for 5 months which tells a lot about the scale of the building and the level of finishing that was required in the project, Ilona Pettersson from PUNTA highlights.

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