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Punta Oy

Housing cooperative Modena

Housing cooperative Modena is built by Asuva Oy and it's located in Tampere. Modena offers an option to high standard town house living.

"Modenas location in close to nature Kauppi supports an active lifestyle. Sport cellar with storage space and maintenance spot for bikes and skis offers extra value to the active."

- Ida Väänänen, SAFA, BST-Arcitechts

PUNTA tailored the entirety in collaboration with Asuva Oy.

We delivered wide and black shelf lockers for sport equipment to Modenas sport cellar. The shelf lockers have a closet side with a hat shelf and a clothing rack and also a shelf side with four adjustable shelves. The lockers are extra deep to ensure enough space for the equipment.
There are also small lockers on the walls and the center space are equipped with PUNTA Style benches which are suitable for an architects designed environment.

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Full service based on the turnkey principle

Our services include installation, maintenance and recycling, as well as leasing financing and support for architects and design offices. We offer a comprehensive service solution allowing you to choose the package that best suits your site.