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Punta Oy

Porin Puuvilla Shopping Centre

RFID locking facilitates storage space management

The Porin Puuvilla Shopping Centre accommodates some 80 stores and annually welcomes almost 6 million customers. Tea Siivola, Manager of the shopping centre, says that Puuvilla has been established with customers in mind, which is why good care must be taken of them and their belongings.

- Many people visit the shopping centre to have fun and spend time here, which could be difficult, for example, when wearing a parka. So, we needed storage space for the customers’ bags and outerwear.

The storage solution was assembled in exact accordance with the customer’s pre-design and user profile: clothes lockers for outerwear and smaller lockers for bags, bicycle helmets, and purchased goods, for example.

– The people at Punta were active and I received an offer at once. The salesperson visited the site to check the positioning and dimensions and to introduce the locking solution. We closed the deal right away – the quicker, the better for us. Installation was also convenient and trouble-free. For us, the project was never a burden, as everything was delivered ready-made and the locks pre-installed at the factory were operational from the very beginning.

A modern locking system is important for the shopping centre visited daily by 15,000–25,000 customers.

The clothes lockers and lockers at Puuvilla are equipped with Safe-O-Tronic LS 300 RFID locks. The locks work with any chip card.

The lock is an essential component of the lockers as it solves the problems with key management. There are no keys to be lost and no need for ordering new ones, and release of the door locks at the same time in the evenings prevents jamming the lockers for private use. RFID locking saves steps and money.

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