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Smart delivery locker services inner logistics with handling evidence safely

Smart delivery locker services inner logistics with handling evidence safely

Investigating crime includes gathering and storing evidence and doing technical investigations. Belongings arrive to the police department that are directed to the right people within the building to be investigated as evidence. Confidential evidence are to be kept in order with clear knowledge who has them and when.

Tampere police departments inner logistics and evidence maintaining are resolved by using a smart delivery locker. The delivery locker is located at the police department in a secured are, where outsiders don't have access. The use of the delivery locker makes sure that the technical investigation has an unbreakable evidence chain.

In the picture: Joni Länsipuro, Inner Finland police department.

Smart system tells what, when, how and who
Fluent path of belongings and knowledge are important factors of police work. With the help of the locker and system it’s easy to tell who send, what and when and who picked the item up and at which time. Every transaction leaves a digital mark that can be used to trace the exact location of the evidence material. The owner of the evidence material has a right to know where their belongings are and that it can be returned to their owner if possible.

When the material is picked up, the system sends a notification to the sender and the locker is released to the next delivery. This way the capacity of the lockers can be maximized and need of space optimized.
The police department first put to use a range of bigger lockers. Because the system served its purpose and functioned well, it was expanded with smaller lockers. They are needed foremost for smaller IT-department evidence materials like mobile phones and tablets.

Ilkka Ratamo from PUNTA tells that, a physical locker is an enabler. It can be used to do many things, when the locker is combined with electronics and intelligence in the form of cloud services.
Greatest benefits of the system are easy maintaining, efficiency and logic of use. Belongings stay in order, which increases trust towards police actions. In additions a properly sized delivery locker is also efficient with use of space.

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