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Punta Oy

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

New lockers with glass doors are at the customers’ disposal in the refurbished Kiasma

The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki was re-opened on 7 April 2022 after yearlong refurbishment. Kiasma is part of the Finnish National Gallery; the Museum displays, collects, and promotes modern art. In addition, performances and events are arranged in Kiasma.

1,500 guests attended the opening of refurbished Kiasma and the cloakroom and customer lockers were used intensively. Punta’s easy-to-use lockers equipped with numeric code locks received praise and sped up the storage and pick-up of the customers’ belongings. The lockers with glass doors are both stylish and practical, as owing to the glass door, forgetting something in the locker is more difficult than with ordinary lockers.

Punta LK4 lockers with glass door make up an attractive complete locker solution in the lobby, which functions as the storage station for the customers’ belongings.

The locks are controlled with a 4-digit code selected by the user, so a mechanical key is not required. This brings significant savings in maintenance costs, as lock replacement due to keys lost is no longer necessary. Punta VKP and VK2 lockers were also used to furnish the personnel’s changing rooms.

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