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Punta Oy

Central Hospital Nova


New central hospital in Jyväskylä is designed to be a future hospital with smart solutions. Overall we delivered over 5300 lockers and box lockers to hospital Nova. The hospital has a staff of over 2000 people who have 11 dressing rooms with apx. 230 lockers in each of them to use. The locker of choice is the space efficient Z-locker. Together with the benches they combine a practical, clean and clear entirety.

Easy use is the greatest benefit of the smart locking system

The lockers on their own aren’t enough so a smart locking system to meet the needs is required. There is apx. 4700 smart locking systems controlled lockers and box lockers.

The use of lockers is mainly keyless in hospital Nova. Personnel lockers are equipped with dynamic Vecos V1 -locking system. Vecos V1 is easy to use, automated and flexible electronic locking solution to destinations which require an overall locking solution. A hospital is a great example of these destinations. Product development director Jukka Suutari emphasizes, that it was important to the hospital to get an overall delivery. The automation also prevents the unnecessary daily management.

Jari Ilves, project manager in charge of building the hospital says that due to PUNTAs smart locking solution, it’s always easy for the user to see which lockers and box lockers are available for use.

– User can be imported from the access control database and lockers and box lockers can be operated with the users own access card. Keyless solution is best for us. This is what we were looking for, a dynamic entirety. Lockers which are flexible thanks to smart locking system.

All the lockers, benches and box lockers are selected from PUNTAs product portfolio. PUNTAs lockers and box lockers are placed also in examination- and operation facilities waiting areas, personnel break spaces, customer waiting areas, hallways and lobbies. In customer areas the lockers are part of the decoration and they are equipped with easy to use Sinox-mechanical code locks.

The deliveries were made in multiple different batches as the construction moved forward. Asennus Suomi Oy was responsible for all the installations.

Full service based on the turnkey principle

Our services include installation, maintenance and recycling, as well as leasing financing and support for architects and design offices. We offer a comprehensive service solution allowing you to choose the package that best suits your site.