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Punta Oy

Colyseum Gym

Colyseum at Vantaa's Tammisto opens a whole new world for gym training.

Entrepreneur Vertti Harjuniemi wanted to build a place, where he can offer all of his knowledge combined to quality equipment and space solutions. Vertti's foundation partner was CEO Miska Berg from Century Films Oy.

- What ever you do in a gym, we have the best possible surroundings, Vertti assures.

Reality show "Tikissä" was filmed at Colyseum gym. TV5 broadcasted the shows pilot where they visited Punta factory and told what it is like to start a gym and how an empty space turned out to be a stylish place to work out. You can see the episode at Dplay-service.

Style and usability under control

Interior designer Minna Haapakoski was responsible for the decoration and overall expression. Dominant style was an industrial-theme with simple colors and adequate solutions. Style is also repeated at the gyms lounge-area and locker rooms.

Starting point was to offer customers quality locker rooms, which support the overall expression of the space. While visiting the Punta factory, Vertti Harjuniemi got to know the lockers and other options concretely. His choice ended up into a solution which has two doors one upon the other. Locker doors are laminate and painted with black structure paint. Identification and locking works with Gantner RFID-locks and DL software program. RFID-locks secure the efficient use of the lockers and that there is always available locker for the users.

New PUNTA Style -bench solution was placed in the center of both locker rooms to soften the decor. As addition from the Punta collection, they selected shoe racks to the vestibule and tall shelf behind the front desk for products that they sell at the gym.

Full service based on the turnkey principle

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