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Punta Oy

Heureka Science Center

The joy of discovery made some room in the Heureka foyer

The number of thrill seekers visiting the Finnish Science Centre Heureka in Vantaa is close to 300 000 a year. The customer service facilities and the Heureka Shop of the Science Centre were renovated in the winter of 2012. For the cloakroom, an original solution was developed together with Punta Oy.

“We were looking for an “Eureka!” type of solution with Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Heikkinen - Komonen Oy, the original designer of the building, and interior decorator Jorma Valkama,” Heureka Property Manager Ulla Kortelainen recalls.

Already at the early stage, Punta Oy and furniture manufacturing company Puuteos TM Oy joined the designing team. The architect had a strong concept of what was being sought and the team began collaborating to develop a solution to that concept.

A circular-shaped ensemble was designed for the Heureka foyer, with Punta drawer units along the outer edge. The challenge was to get overall functionality and to build a uniform outer edge.

Product development team activated by need
There are many facets to product development work and sometimes the solution can be a surprisingly simple realization. At Heureka, a good idea was ultimately carried out through some very small things. The curved, uniform outer edge was built out of standard cabinets, lockers, and dummy panels. The collaboration of the various operators was of major significance to the achievement of a successful outcome.

“We have been content with the functionality of the furniture and our visitors have found the foyer facilities commendable as well,” Ulla Kortelainen confirms.
The product development team of Punta Oy is comprised of design and production specialists. Product development involves two channels, namely development started by a customer contact and novelties born through the innovative product development process of the company’s own.

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