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Punta Oy

Huutjärvi school

Intelligent locking system saves space, effort, and money

The Huutjärvi School in Pyhtää has 483 pupils, from pre-schoolers to ninth-graders. In summer 2018, additional classrooms were built and storage facilities renovated. Before the renovation, there were 200 large lockers with traditional Abloy keys intended for the belongings of 155 pupils in grades 7–9.

According to Pasi Pirinen, the School Caretaker, Ilkka Ratamo and Jukka Suutari from Puntta paid an on-site visit to present the locker and locking solution. After that, the choice was easy to make.

– The presentation of the locker solution and the intelligent locking system was informative and comprehensible. We found an efficient solution meeting our needs.

Dynamic locking allows for good use of space. The intelligent Vecos locking system has two centralised readers. Using an RFID tag on the reader opens a vacant locker for the pupil. All of the lockers are in daily use and the locks open automatically at 4 PM. Currently, there are only 94 lockers, but the space available seems to have increased! There are no empty lockers taken or items forgotten behind locked doors. As pupils take their textbooks home, Vecos locking essentially promotes homework. The RFID tag-based locking system has made the caretaker’s job easier in many ways, and ordering new keys has become a thing of the past.

Pasi Pirinen expresses special gratitude to Punta’s salespersons, the lock expert, and the installer for their services. Punta also provided clear instructions on how to get started with the solution.

– Whenever I call, help is always available, and I can discuss things with people. These days, personalised service like this is rare to find.

Locker colour: Pyhtää orange. All lockers come with a charging feature.

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