National Gallery, Helsinki

THE FINNISH NATIONAL GALLERY - A design suitable for the premises

A Solution Tailored from the Start

The customer service facilities of the Sinebrychoff Art Museum experienced a major change in the summer of 2018 when the storage space intended for visitors was also renovated. The museum wished to allocate appropriate storage space for the outerwear of the visitors and any bags they may be carrying, but this had to do with a much broader ensemble than mere storage space.

Päivi Hilska, the business partnership coordinator at the Finnish National Gallery, says that upon arrival at the museum, the customer must gain a uniform experience; all the sections along the visitor path must support one another and be measured by the same quality criteria. Päivi Hilska has a clear view about the kinds of storage lockers that are appropriate.

“The advantage of lockers with glass doors is that people are less likely to leave anything in the lockers than they would otherwise and it’s is a question of security as well,” she explains. “Lockers equipped with digital locking are the most practical solution possible. A digital lock is clear and it is easy to open and close since the lock device also functions as the pull handle.”

“We created a solution that was tailored from start to finish so that all the details were worked out by taking adaptability and cost-efficiency into account,” says Ilkka Ratamo at Punta.

The Finnish National Gallery wishes to support domestic work, which is why it uses products made by Finnish manufacturers whenever possible.

“One of the advantages of having a domestic partner is that maintenance runs quickly and auxiliary services can be obtained as necessary. And as this project showed once again, it is more straightforward to conduct product development with a domestic operator. The designing process brought results surprisingly quickly. Everything was ready in two months.”

The lockers were embedded in a frame that made the solution resemble furniture, connecting the lockers to the design of the premises as a whole.

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