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Space savings into the bargain

SAMK, the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, is a multidisciplinary, internationally oriented educational institution with about 6,000 students and 400 employees. SAMK has four campuses in Satakunta. In addition to Pori, education is provided in Rauma, Huittinen, and Kankaanpää.

Safety requirements to the learning environment are becoming stricter, as the campus lives in the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) era. Because of this, lockers with USB charging and a power supply socket are required. In addition to the equipment, other school supplies, backpacks, and personal belongings of the students are stored in the lockers.

– Security and data protection are important for us. We strive to create a safe learning environment for the students. In our case, PUNTA lockers have proven to be excellently useful and functional. The students can store their belongings safely in the lockers, says Tero Hämäläinen, Property and Security Manager.

Electronic exam rooms are provided with lockers where students can leave their belongings before entering for an exam. A student can choose any of the vacant lockers equipped with numeric keypad locks. There are common facilities at the educational institution where outsiders can arrange various events. Because of this, the common facilities must also be equipped with storage space usable by visitors. In freely accessible premises like this, RFID locks are handy.

Space saving into the bargain
Space is needed, but space is expensive. Surprisingly, lack of space can be alleviated by introduction of a locking solution, thereby reducing the need for locker space. How can this be? Tero Hämäläinen says that owing to the locking solution, the same persons no longer occupy the lockers for weeks and a vacant locker is always available. Using the lockers is easy for the students.

– In practice, you can clearly see the benefits of electronic lockers as compared to traditional keys. The solution is much more convenient and modern, and you no longer need to search for the keys. We have eight janitors committed to keeping the university running. It is a great relief for them to not have to deal with the problem of lost keys. This also results in cost savings.

“In our case, PUNTA lockers have proven to be excellently useful and functional”
Fun fact: Fun fact: some of the older buildings of SAMK were equipped with locks operated using 5-mark coins (in the Euro period, 50-cent coins) and used before the new campus was built – impressive proof of the durability of Punta products.

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