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Click & Collect

Combines various pick-up options and e-commerce

Punta Click & Collect was born out of retail chains and shopping centers’ need to harmonize the confusing pick-up and delivery practices.

Our Click & Collect provides a cost-effective and seamless collection experience for both customers and the merchant. It is a solution that combines various pick-up options and e-commerce – from locker automation to manual handover. With Punta Click & Collect, the collection experience is always ideal for the customer and the order delivery is fast and effortless for the retailer.

Punta Solutions Click & Collect
Punta Click & Collect

Key features

Punta Click Collect User Interface

Punta Click & Collect

An automated pick up point enables the expansion of business in a way that suits the customer’s everyday life. By placing an automated Click & Collect locker next to the store, collections can take place 24/7.
Click & Collect käyttöpolku 01


The customer makes the order online.

Click & Collect käyttöpolku 02


The order is delivered and loaded to the locker.

Click & Collect käyttöpolku 03


The system sends the customer a pick-up code and arrival instructions.

Click & Collect käyttöpolku 04


Upon arrival the customer enters the pick-up code and is guided to the right door by the UI.

Click & Collect käyttöpolku 05


The customer collects their goods and closes the locker. The order is marked as collected in the system.

Full service based on the turnkey principle

Our services include installation, maintenance and recycling, as well as leasing financing and support for architects and design offices. We offer a comprehensive service solution allowing you to choose the package that best suits your site.