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Smart Lockers

Punta Smart Solutions


Wireless drop-in pick-up points – even for extreme weather conditions

Punta Unplugged battery-operated locker provides a convenient and secure way for recipients to receive and collect packages at their convenience while offering flexibility and independence from external power sources.

Unplugged solution has been designed for challenging environments. Punta Unplugged is the perfect solution for extreme weather conditions and locations because of its robust lockers, durable self-service terminal, and long-lasting battery. Punta Unplugged can stand temperatures from -25 ° C up to +50 ° C.

To ensure continuous operation and independence from external power sources, the electronic locks are powered by a battery with expected lifetime up to 5 years. Due to long battery life the need for regular maintenance is minimal. Unplugged locker can be installed almost anywhere and can operate with no access to Internet or power grid.

Simple to use: Recipients receive notifications when a package is delivered to the locker. They can then access the locker using a unique code provided in the notification. Once the locker is opened, they retrieve their package and close the locker.

Punta Solution Unplugged

Punta Unplugged

Key features

Punta Unplugged Locker

Punta Unplugged

Punta Unplugged 01


The customer makes their order.

Punta Unplugged 02


The order is delivered to the locker. Filling lockers has been made as streamlined a process as possible, there is no need to create or manage orders.


The customer receives the PIN and instructions for the pick-up.

Punta Unplugged 04


The customer collects their order from the locker using the PIN.


The self-service terminal is language independent and usable even in extreme conditions.


As the customer closes the door the locker is immediately ready to be used for the next delivery.

Full service based on the turnkey principle

Our services include installation, maintenance and recycling, as well as leasing financing and support for architects and design offices. We offer a comprehensive service solution allowing you to choose the package that best suits your site.