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Punta Oy


Pick-up Service Point

Enables efficient pick-up service organization even without initial investment

Logistics efficiency

Service producer can decide the place and way to storage the customer orders

Ease of order management

An easy-to-use mobile application to manage orders on site

Enables efficient pick-up service organization and customer communication

Live - Pick-up Service Point

Pick-up solutions enable the expansion of the store’s business in a way that suits the customers everyday life, often better than home delivery. An option to pick-up lockers is a service pick-up point where you can also deliver orders that cannot be stored in lockers.

The Live pick-up point is based on the Operative suite mobile application of Punta Admin Suite cloud service which enables efficient organization of pick-up service and customer communication. Live pick-up point can be set up with low starting costs because a locker is not needed.

Our system communicates fluently with the customer telling them the standby state of the pick-up. The customer can inform through the system their arrival time and the customer service personnel can organize the pick-up logistics efficiently.

Punta Live Palveleva noutopiste
Punta Smart Solutions

Punta Operative Suite

A mobile application to manage orders on site

Punta Operative Suite
Punta Live Customer UI - Asiakkaan noutokäytöliittymä
Punta Smart Solutions

Customer’s pick-up user interface

Browser based user interface

An example of a pick up chain

Punta Live Step 01


The customer places an order online and chooses pick-up time.


The store staff collects the ordered products and stores them in the best way until the pick-up. The application supports the storing of the order’s packages on numbered shelves


The customer is sent an SMS in which there is a link to a browser application which tells the time of the pick-up and arrival instructions to the pick-up point. The customer also announces their arrival through the application.


The customer arrives at the pick-up point and notifies the service personnel of their arrival.

Punta Live Step 05


The store personnel deliver the order to the customer who doesn’t even have to get out from the car.

Punta Live Step 06


When the order is delivered the system marks it picked up and files it.

Punta Smart Solutions

Punta Admin Suite

Efficiency to the pick-up service through cloud service

Punta Admin Suite Ordes

Additional modules for automated pick up

Adds flexibility to the pick-up

Punta Live lisämoduuli infonäyttö

Info screen to create a situation picture

It is useful to show the employees the coming pick-ups with one glance on the info screen. The price of the info screen includes its installation to the pick-up point.

Punta Live lisämoduuli ilmoittautumistyökalu

Sign in tool

Easy-to-use keyboard allows the customer to notify the pick up point upon arrival. The keyboard can be placed outside in a suitable location, and entering the code can open a barrier or an automatic door.

Punta Live lisämoduuli lipuketulostin

A ticket printer to enhance the logistics

Picking up the products from the warehouse is one of the most important points in optimizing the pick-up service. A ticket printer that is easy to read, contains all the important information and tags for the pick-up enables an efficient retrieval of products from the warehouse and an easy storage management. Most importantly, this minimizes the workload of the store personnel and the possibility of human errors.

Full service based on the turnkey principle

Our services include installation, maintenance and recycling, as well as leasing financing and support for architects and design offices. We offer a comprehensive service solution allowing you to choose the package that best suits your site.