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Through the implementation of click & collect solutions, healthcare providers, hospitals and public sector can enhance the management and distribution of medical equipment. These solutions offer control over access to supplies and equipment while also enabling efficient tracking of assets, thereby ensuring security and accountability. The advantages of these intelligent storage solutions will be valued by both the staff and patients. Picking up medical equipment orders without human contact is safe and quick. The automated delivery locker can be filled at the time best suitable for the staff and the pick-up will not be an extra burden for them.

Streamlining and easing work with supplies and equipment in store.

Replacement of defective IT equipment is easy.

Dynamic storage options provide storage space wherever and whenever required.

Distribution of car-sharing and other keys is automated, thereby relieving the burden of the staff and making sure the keys are always kept safe.

IT consumables can be picked up individually, which means that HDMI cables, among others, are always available.

Easing the work of the lobby service with internal mail distribution solution. The lobby attendant can place the mail received into a locker, which means that the addressees no longer need to inquire about new mail, as they are always notified when it is ready for pick-up.

The food storage solution allows centralised meal ordering; the customer is notified as soon as the meal can be picked up. This way, the food delivery couriers need not wander around the hospital, as there is a dedicated place for deliveries and pick-ups.

With the food storage solution, a bagful of goodies can be ordered directly to the workplace and brought home at the end of the working day.

Overall, these solutions provide the most extensive Smart Workplace solution available on the market, which can be integrated with other intelligent delivery solutions, such as Empathic Building and the like.

Care products distribution can be automated into 24/7 self-service, allowing the customers to pick up their care products at the time most suitable for them. The solution reduces the staff’s workload as several orders can be stored in the automated delivery locker at the same time and in a manner safe for the patients.

With the help of the solution, temperature-controlled medicines remain in order and a balance and a log can be kept of who, when, and for what purpose has accessed the storage.

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